Over the past decade, Magda Bytnerowicz has cemented her status as one of Australia’s most respected DJs. She built up her domestic fame by becoming the go-to local DJ to support imports from abroad, and in recent years she’s proven her chops as a headlining talent in her own right. The roster of artists she’s played with testifies to her own versatility and ability, as it includes techno gods and fanatic house heads alike, including DVS1, Objekt, Steven Tang, Pantha Du Prince, Jamie 3:26, Rick Wilhite, Jane Fitz and more. In recent years she’s graduated to headlining Australia’s best and biggest parties, most notably the massive main stage at Sydney’s infamous Mardi Gras parade, and made her debut at Berlin’s Panorama Bar in 2018.

Magda’s triumphant appearance at Mardi Gras 2019 was particularly special for a DJ who cut her teeth in the city’s local scene on both sides of the promoter-DJ divide. In 2011, she and DJ Trinity founded the party series 4our to showcase underground DJs in a no-fuss warehouse environment that provided a casual and fun alternative to Sydney’s more formal club scene. In 2012 they began to invite international guests and debuted artists like Steffi, Eric Cloutier, Eli Verveine, XDB and Virginia to Australian audiences.

Her style demonstrates her experience as a selector and her deep knowledge and love of dance music. Her sets traverse classy minimal and deep house, itchy acid jams, slinky electro, rowdy breakbeats and more, and she manages to unite it all with her expert understanding of dynamics and a mastery of mood.

Based in Sydney, Australia
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